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Mom Entrepreneur: Happi Olson Interview


We're kicking off our series focusing on mom entrepreneurs who are blazing a new path. For our first profile, I'm sharing this Happi Olson Interview. Happi Olson is a mother of four, host of The Happi House and VP of Creative Kidstuff. Let's get to know her a bit better.

These profiles are a celebration of the publication of my first book, Mom Boss, a mom's guide to running a successful business. The book provide practical tips and sage advice and so do our profiles. Here we go..

What did you have to give up to get where you are?

Because of the choices I made—to stay at home with each of my children for a year—I had to give up longevity in the beginning. But, I am thankful for that. It was a journey. I held a lot of different positions at big financial institutions and big box retailers. It helped me identify what I was looking for professionally and personally.

Do you ever feel like you get in your own way?

All the time. This is actually a very relevant question with school just starting and having kiddos from age 10 to 20. Even your 20 year old needs things. Often times more complicated things like a medical record or a birth certificate—these things require leg work. I always want to be the mom who gets it done. So, I over commit and scramble at the end. That gets in the way of forward thinking and living in a space of abundance. Chasing things never works.

How do you prioritize what gets attention at any given moment?

I am a fly by the seat of her pants kind of person, because every day is different. However, I actually do have a plan for this. I start by setting up a framework—which is actually a to do list. I have deliverables at least seven days out so I know how to plan and what actually needs to get done. Then, SURPRISE, something else needs to get done. It is like the emergency appointment at the pediatrician. They leave space for those. So do I in my work week. So I am able to shift and juggle priorities.

Have you ever had to turn down a business opportunity because it interfered with family time?

I have never turned down a business opportunity. I have been lucky enough to have the support to take on whatever came my way. As far as disappointing my family, this happens a little bit every day of the week. But, I believe it is healthy for the kids. When I talk about disappointment I am talking about the fact I am not there for every swim meet or football game or field trip. However, I am there for most of it. It is ok for children to tell you about what happened through their eyes and for extended family and neighbors to cheer them on. They should look for and feel supported by more people than just their parents. This builds a beautiful network of support for any child.

When the school nurse calls or you get that dreaded lice letter - who in your family handles that?

All hands on deck. Whoever can make it work. And, it always works.

What's holding you back today from hitting your next goal or desire with your business?

Simply time. There is so much to do and so much potential. This is a good thing! I feel blessed to have so many opportunities.

How do you recharge?

For real? I like naps. An afternoon nap is the biggest luxury. I would love to take one once a month. The smell of the air through the open window, the tranquility of shutting down and being ok about it. Real world—and I never thought I would say this—my 17 year old daughter recharges me. (She also drains me.) She is so dry and funny and driven and full of possibility. It inspires me and makes me so happy and proud. I always feel good when I get a little bite of her. I know I should be doing yoga…..ugh!!

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Do you work traditional hours. When do you log off for the day?

No. I work all the time. People talk about work life balance. I think this is more stressful. I like to immerse work and family. Then I can balance everything at once.


What recent work achievement are you most proud of?

I am very proud of our show The Happi House. We came together as a team of individuals, not knowing each other, all with different backgrounds. We have worked together to form something a cohesive magazine style show with content people really enjoy.

Check out Happi's You Tube videos:

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On social media, everything always looks so pretty - let's be honest - what are some epic messes that you've had to clean up?

This is funny to me. I have been in the parenting business for a long time. Way before social media. So, I forged ahead on my own with only a monthly magazine of our favorite homemaker, Martha Stewart, to guide me. I have never had to clean up a big mess that I can recall. BUT—I did have my oldest son and a friend lock us out of the house when we had 20 five year olds on a pirate treasure hunt during a birthday party. I also had a whole nest of bees kicked up and swarm children during a party. They brought the entire hive in the house—it was for sure an Amelia Bedilia moment. Bees everywhere! My beautiful french toast bake and fruit assortment were very popular with our flying friends.

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