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Chic iPad Cases from ZooGue

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With the launch of the new iPhone 5 this month, it harkens me back to the excitement I felt when buying my first iPhone years ago. I only just upgraded to a 4S about three months ago, so I won't be getting the 5 sadly. But I do remember like it was yesterday how exciting a new purchase from Apple always is. For instance my iPad purchase last year. I was so happy. The ability to go online anywhere. The super cute pink foldable cover/stand. That crystal clear screen.

Then as they usually do, laughter soon turned to tears. I remember the pain I felt two weeks after buying it when I dropped it onto our ceramic kitchen floor (no, I'm not covering for my kid - really was the one who dropped it). I picked up the once-crystal clear now-spider veined cracked screen, I realized that super cute pink foldable cover/stand. Once again'?¦good looks can be useless if there's no substance behind it. Lesson in both life and expensive gadgets and gismos.

I was looking for a good cover for my iPad 2 that brought together both attractive style and serious protection. I love my Otterbox for my phone, but the one that's for the iPad is really thick, clunky and although you could probably throw your iPad against a wall and have it be no worse for it.

The ZooGue's new Case Genius Pro is exactly what they call it - i"nsanely convenient." It was exactly what I was looking for, and then some.

Chic iPad Cases from ZooGue Review

First let's chat about the looks. I did say they weren't important, but I can't help myself. Although it does come in chic black, I ordered the baby pink. I actually got so excited when I pulled it out of the box, I gasped a little bit. It's a lovely textured genuine leather in this subtle powder pink that you usually don't find in the land of phone and tablet covers. Usually it's hot pink or no pink.

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OK, now let's get all serious with the functionality. One thing I hated about the fold-up stand from Apple is that it did just that - fold up when you least expected. The second thing I disliked was that the iPad was either up or down. There was no in between angle for viewing.

The Case Genius is adjustable to any angle. With its innovative Velcro design it can transition from flat to almost 90 degrees. And once it's adjusted, it stays there. There are also adjustable straps that allow you to hang your iPad 2 just about anywhere, like the headrest in your car for a long ride (and a need for Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix). You can also use it as a secure hand strap for when you're showing someone a presentation or how you just kicked butt on Angry Birds in Space (the Mars Rover edition). Of course, as any useful case would, the case provides access to all ports, cameras and speakers.

When you're done, you just put the straps and/or the kickstand back into place and it'??s flat again. And it "locks" into place over the screen with magnets, so you and your iPad are covered. Because your iPad sits inside the case, it offers protection from drops and such. Use ZooGue's Anti-Fingerprint screen protector and you've got the scratch part covered too. This ultra-clear sheet goes on quickly and doesn't leave any bubbles.

I will say one negative thing: this case stinks. It doesn't stink stink. It stinks. Meaning, it actually smells badly for a few days after taking it out. This might have just been the leather on mine and it went away eventually, or it might be a normal thing for all. Other than that, I've rekindled my love for my iPad again, spider veins at all. Actually, come to think of Kindle could use something chic to cover it as well. Did I mention they make those too? In terms of high-tech, high-class covers, you might say ZooGue is an animal.

The ZooGue's Case Genius pro is available for $49.99 and the High Grade Shields are available for $19.99 at

We did receive samples for this Chic iPad Cases from ZooGue review purposes.

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