Yoga Workouts for Moms

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Yoga can fix your mommy posture. Has motherhood caused you to develop the horrid shoulder slump? You know, the rounded shoulders and turned in chest that makes you look tired. Fix it with a few simple yoga poses. The slump can be caused by breastfeeding, kid hauling or stroller pushing. No matter the cause, we've got two ideas to get you back in action. Yoga pro, Stephanie Creaturo from Mala Yoga NYC shares her solutions.

Who needs it?

Moms that have worn out poor posture.
Anyone who hunches over a computer.
Breastfeeding moms.

And runners! I swear adding yoga to my life has helped prevent injures and made me stronger and more flexible. I know finding a studio and an hour to get there can be tough. So why not use videos and set up your own studio (but do try to get a live instructor a few times a month--it will be essential to getting good form).

at home yoga studio

What you need? These are the pieces I recommend for setting up your at-home yoga studio.

Pilates & Yoga Mat 4mm look for one that is non-slip and well cushioned.
Cotton Yoga Bolster perfect for your restorative poses and working against a wall.
6 Foot D-Ring Buckle Yoga Strap can't touch your toes yet? Don't worry, this strap will help.
Yoga Blocks--this will help you with balance and give you confidence to try more challenging poses
Yoga blanket--this is a great way to add comfort to seated postures and a must for the final rest pose.

You'll also need some great clothes. Start with a pair of yoga pants and a top that will keep your boobs in place while you are inverting. A few brands that I recommend are: fashions are for moms that want to move in style. 

LuluLemon--pretty sure they've fixed the issue of the see-thru pants and I love the bright colors.

Athleta--Lots of this gear can do double duty at the gym.

Get in A Yoga Mindset

As we gear up for National Yoga Month, celebrity yoga instructor Kristin Mc Gee is sharing their tips on how to get the most out of your rejuvenating yoga workout:

Strike a pose: Learn each yoga pose in Kristin’s ‘technical module’ pose gallery before actually putting it into practice to ensure proper form and to avoid injury. The gallery can be accessed by joining, where membership is free until mid-September.

Concentrate: A proper yoga session practiced with the right attitude and breathing techniques can help you not only tone your body, but develop your mental focus, release negative energy and reduce stress.

Build your yoga prowess: Start with basic yoga poses and build on those to ensure understanding of more advanced postures and yoga terminology for safe transition from pose to pose.

Get your space ready: Create a comfortable environment to practice this activity that can help you strengthen the mind, body and spirit, as well as achieve a feeling of well-being.

Focus on the inside: Be childlike and joyful when approaching your yoga practice. Yoga is not a competitive sport; it is about finding a sense of balance, strength and power from within.
In celebration of National Yoga Month, Kristin’s online yoga sessions are free to access on, so visit to get started on your yoga-fueled journey to health!

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