Year of the Rooster


It's the year of the Rooster! Chinese New Year officially kicked off yesterday, and the joyous "spring festival" will continue for about 23 days.

So what are the characteristics of the rooster? According to tradition and belief, if your baby is born in this lunar year, he or she will be smart, energetic, and confident—a social creature who loves the spotlight.

chinese new year phone case

This Tech 21 Evo Elite Chinese New Year edition by Jack Tsai iPhone case is a bright and beautiful way to honor new beginnings and bright prospects. Whether of not you celebrate this colorful occasion, you can get it on the Chinese New Year festivities with these fun and festive products. Happy Year of the Rooster, friends!

Year of the Rooster
  1. Ferragamo Rooster and Garden Scarf, $230 / 2. YSL Chinese New Year Blush, $47 / 3. Michael Kors Lunar New Year Keychain, $36 / 4. Kate Spade Rooster Coin Purse, $128 / 5. Michaela Buerger Chinese New Year Long Sleeve, $217 / 6. Giorgio Armani Bronzer, $88 / 7. Shu Uemura Lip Balm, $30 / 8. Sugarfina Chinese New Year Bento Box, $18/ 9. MAC Lunar Lipstick, $17

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