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Wonder Woman: The Movie Kids Need for Summer

Movie Kids Need for Summer

I don't often spend $50 on movies. In general, we don't take the girls to the theater. Too loud, too pricey and too filled with commercial suggestions that they aren't capable of processing. On rare occasions we go as a summer treat (and I do a lot of explaining about the ads they see before the show). But when a movie like Wonder Womanshows up in the theater, I change my stance and head to the theater. It's a rare treat, and I think Wonder Woman is THE movie kids need for summer.

Not just girls, but boys too.

Not just on Amazon Prime after it comes out to the masses, but IN THE THEATER.

Breaking Box Office Records

It's such a win for girls and women that this movie roped in more than $100 million in the opening weekend. (The director, Patty Jenkins now holds the record for the best opening weekend ever for a female director). Hurrah for girl power.

Currently Wonder Woman has raked in more than $450 million—this is good news for women who want to see more strong female characters up on the big screen.

The movie starts in Themyscira, the Amazon island. We are treated to seeing Diana grow up among the Amazons. I had the most fun watching my 11 year old try to leap into the screen and join the Amazons. She was so drawn to their energy and power—it was intoxicating for everyone in our family. Seeing girls play hard and play strong. Yeah, I'm all for that.

Oh yeah, then a man comes along... And he's pretty cute, but he never steals Diana's thunder. This is her movie, and you simply can't keep your eyes off of Gal Gadot. She's gorgeous for sure, and no man's equal.

Speaking of no man's equal, Robin Wright fans (I know you are out there) can unite in our adoration of her latest incarnation, Diana’s warrior mentor General Antiope. If this is what 51 looks like, I'm in.

The fight scenes are epic. Diana uses her heart and soul to fight the baddies. She brings so much humanity to the role. Can we talk about her for a moment? No, not her stunning bone structure (which does make you wonder if the gods were involved).

Did you know Gal Gadot is a mom of two and Israeli? She also trained in the Israeli military. She's everything we hope for in our kids—having a family and living their passion.

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According to the "internets," she put on more than 15 lbs. of muscle after training in swordsmanship, horse riding and gongfu. Imagine an actress gaining weight to get a job. A-men. 

Watching her in motion is a work of art. And I just love what costume designer Lindy Hemming did with her costumes. Yes, there's a lot of leg, but she's also glorifying the female form in all its power.

More about the Movie Please

I know I digress about all the great subtext involved in this movie. Here are some more basics—Wonder Woman is set back in WWI, and there are battle scenes that give a telling depiction of war. I admire the director's decision to show violence while not sanctioning it or glorifying it.

Yes, there are men in this movie. Chris Pine is a complete secondary character, the eye candy for our hero, but mostly it's a kick-butt chick flick. Boys and girls alike will enjoy it for its full-on joy in celebrating the power of good. Diana is just an awesome super hero who happens to be a woman. The fight scenes are pretty epic and you can tell the actresses are relishing every minute. 

I'm ready to go to Amazon training camp (and I bet someone jumps on this fitness craze!).

I'm so grateful that Wonder Woman shows a strong capable woman who is in full command of her destiny. Diana accepts help, but doesn't need it. Her only real challenge comes in the form of a god. What a relief that sexual violence (which women have to deal with every day) never comes into play. You won't have to give your kids a talk about rape as a concept.

Isn't it nice to know that Diana can wear her beautiful, sexy clothing and put her full femininity on display without being at risk of harm? Thelma and Louise would approve.

I don't see a lot of comic book movies, so I don't know if this is true to the genre. I do know I want to see more of these films and I will come out to the box office to support them. Even it if costs me more than $50, I think Wonder Woman is the movie kids need to see this summer.

wonder woman movie: review of the movie kids need to see this summer

See trailer here

What do you think, will you take your kids this summer? 

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