Women's Health Holiday Tips

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Last week I missed a luncheon hosted by Women's Health to promote healthy holiday eating. Thankfully, the generous PR team looped back to me and supplied me with a super-healthy goody bag as well as tips for surviving the holidays (click here to see the full page of tips) without packing on the pounds. Here was one of the tips I'm going to remember:

Sip Smartly
With alcohol, the goal is to keep both your calories and your buzz under control.
1. A single shot of vodka, gin, or rum mixed with club or diet soda and a squeeze of lime will set you back only about 100 calories. Other standard low-cal options include light beer or wine, most of which have fewer than 150 calories per serving.
2. That'??s perfect if you can sip one all night; if you'??re the type to make several trips to the bar (no judgments!), try asking the bartender to fill your glass only halfway each time to keep your total intake down.
3. Champagne or pink Prosecco are both great options. Not only are they low on the calorie chart'??around 80 to 120 per glass'??but they'??re also more likely to be sipped rather than guzzled.

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In addition to the health tips, I made the terrific Brown Rice Pilaf with Apricots and Almonds recipe that they supplied in the goody bag--it was such a winner I repeated it already at a dinner party. Thanks Women's Health to making this holiday season a little lighter!

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