Wine With Words: Graphic Glasses for Better Sipping


You've probably heard one or two of us here at Momtrends protest our collective love for the graphic-tee trend. We like to wear our hearts on our sleeves and our emotions* on our chests. (*or motivational mantras/ playfully facetious jabs.)

But why should fashion have all the fun?

How cute are these graphic wine glasses? They're sassy and silly and witty and sarcastic. Sippity Yay!

Graphic Wine Glasses
  1. Vino Tattoo Wine Glass, $15 / 2. Liquid Therapy Wine Glass Set, $20/ 3. Sippity Yay Wine Glass, $14/ 4. Wifey & Hubby Wine Glass Set, $22 / 5. Stay Sassy Wine Glass, $14 / 6. Wine Now, Gossip Later Wine Glass, $5 / 7. Set of Four "Cheers" Wine Glasses, $18

Who needs wine markers or charms or unique colored lipstick (happy National Lipstick Day, BTW) to identify their glass when you can each have a unique graphic saying?


Of course the wine glass doesn't really matter if the wine isn't great. My latest fave? This beautiful bottle of Bacchus Pinot Noir. Not only is the label art totally gorgeous, the flavor is full but the body is light and it's a great red for summer sipping... Even better in a snappy glass. Stay sassy, friends!

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