Whimsical Hand-Crafted Dolls

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A beautiful doll that pleases mom and child? No it's not impossible to find. We found one that doesn'??t talk or pee and isn't made out of plastic. Pink Olive, an NYC boutique, recently had a charming little launch party to celebrate the introduction of Lindie and Friends dolls to its stores and we think they are something special.

The party hosted byPink Olive'??s owner, Grace Kang and Lindie and Friends designer,Kara Lesondak featured delicious cupcakes from Kumquat Cupcakery in Brooklyn and pink lemonade and of course the stars of the event, the dolls.

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Lesondak created the Lindie crew three years ago while working for a toy company in the Midwest. Since she was new to the area and didn'??t anyone, she spend a lot of time at home '?? creating and crafting. Since then, she has experienced much success and not only sells the dolls, but is involved in teaching children how to make their own dolls in Harlem and in NYC schools.

The delightful and innocent faces (complete with a smile and two dots for eyes) of the dolls are not only toys to be enjoyed for a moment in a child'??s life, but can stay with them throughout the years. There is something timeless about the dolls '?? perhaps because they don'??t talk or pee '?? which provokes a child to use their imagination while being a high-quality, yet simple toy that will last.

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Named after her childhood stuffed bear, all of the Lindie dolls are handmade (along with a piece of handmade clothing) using smoothest fleece and cotton. These colorful toys are also hand-washable (bonus) and each doll also has its own name (Beatrice, Duncan, Dolly, and Gerald, etc.) that come with a story about what each character likes (pancakes, pizza, going outdoors, etc) much of which mirrors activities that children enjoy. Dolls retail for $28 and custom dolls are $50.

Serena Norr is a NYC-based writer/editor, soup-maker, and more importantly, a mama. You can read more soup recipes on her blog: seriouslysoupy.blogspot.com. 

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