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What's New for WindowsPhone

windows app for kids

One of the best part of participating in the #OfficeChamps Ambassador Program is getting an insiders look at what's new from Microsoft.

My most recent testing involves using Office products on the new Nokia 928B WindowsPhone. I just got the upgraded phone and have been loving accessing all my files and photos on the go. If you haven't seen a WindowsPhone think about Scandal or House of Cards--everyone on those shows uses WindowsPhones. My love affair with the phone began when I saw the pictures and the easy access to my work.

Now there are even more reasons to love the phone.

Like any kids, my girls love getting their hands on my phone. While I love a good bout of crushing sweets as much as the next person, I also don't want my girls to become phone drones. I like my apps to have a little more thinking and creativity involved. They've been loving the new Kids Story Builder App. You can use this on your Windows tablet or phone.

kids storybuilder app

Kids Story Builder is available FREE at the apps store. The app helps kids (think 4-8) create personalized stories using their photos and voice. There are two sample stories provided to get you started.

Once the app is downloaded. You simply start tapping to create your story. We've worked on stories that are up to 10 pages long--but you can add even more!

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Use photos you've taken in the past or shoot new images to create the story. Then you fill in text or voiceovers. Then get ready for the giggles.

A small in-app purchase is required to remove a limit of three custom stories and thirty pages. Parents can share on the phone or as a PowerPoint Slideshow. I worked with my 6 year old to capture her bike riding lessons. We selected the pictures together and then she typed in the text and recorded the voice overs. Here's a page from our Bike Lessons book:


Next up? I'm going to be working with the new Sway design app from Microsoft. You can find out more about Sway here, or check back with me and see how my early testing is going.

We also want to wish Office a belated happy birthday. It's been 25 years and I can't imagine life without these products. Here's to many more!


Meet the rest of the Office Champions here 

I'm proud to be a blog ambassador for Microsoft Office products. Team Momtrends proudly runs our business on Office and the Family Momtrends runs life on Office too!

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