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Why You Need the Mom Boss Book

Mom Boss Launch Day

My life is wonderfully full. If it weren't for the simple fact that we need more moms running businesses in this world, I might never have written a book. You see, today after nine months of writing, editing, and mapping out a marketing plan my book, Mom Boss the book is ready for the world.

You Can Support Mom Entrepreneurs

Here's how: Go to your favorite book store and buy the book. If they don't have it in stock, place an order. Visit your library and request the book. Head to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and buy a book for a friend. Send a loud and clear message that moms need options. A world with more mom CEO's will be a a very, very good place.

We Need More Mom Entrepreneurs

How did this all come about and who the heck do I think I am to write a book? Two good questions. But first, let's talk about the big why. There are millions of books out there. Why this book? Why now?

Because our moms worked so very hard to get us here. To this place where we can be anything we want to be AND have children. I am so grateful to the women who came before me and blazed a path. Now I want to blaze one too--where women get to work on their own terms.

Mom Boss is the book for all the women out there who have big ideas, but are also struggling with how to fit it all in with family. I'm all for women leaning in, but not to the point where something snaps. I think moms who become business founders and CEOs are flexible and strong. This book will show you the path to setting up a life you love, full of challenge and ambition, but also equally full of ballet recitals and family dinners.

We Need More Mom Bosses

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It's not full of fluff. This is a book full of solutions and practical tips. It's the stuff you need to hear before you quit your day job.

Read the book, take notes, and follow the prompts, Ask yourself the tough questions and get ready to grow your mindset. Are you ready to create a life you love? Then the Mom Boss book is for you.

Click here to take the Mom Boss Quiz to see which of the three categories best suits you.

The Writing Journey

The writing journey was fantastic. I was supported by Mango Publishing every step of the way. They helped me find the book I had inside me. The most important part was nailing the table of contents. Once I had the road map for this book, I knew I was on the way. After I had my checklist of what every entrepreneur needs, I started the interviews. In all, I talked to more than 100 moms who have started businesses. I didn't use every interview, but they were all important.

Now on the other side of writing, I'm thrilled with the result and hopeful that I can make a difference. Why me? I've built a million-dollar, PROFITABLE brand. I am able to travel when I want, where I want. I work with people I adore and I love what I do. I'm also able to schedule my life around my family. No, I can't make every soccer game and swim meet, but I never have to ask for permission to be the mom and wife I want to be,

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