WallPops: Keeping the Workspace Nice, Neat and Pretty


I’m much more constructive when I work in a clean, organized, and bright environment. It’s not all that surprising, but I’ve found that there’s a definite correlation between a room’s aesthetic and my level of productivity. Clutter and mess hinder my creative process and seriously diminish motivation... But give me some fresh flowers and natural light, and I’m a blog-post-writing machine. Simply said: The prettier the workspace, the more I get done.

Desk Near Window In House

That’s why I’m so excited to have discovered WallPops . They can transform any space in minutes—which is why they're so perfect for sprucing up homework stations and decorating dorm rooms.

wall pops space

WallPops is the premier line of peel-and-stick wall art. With easy-to-use photo frames, decorative wall kits, oversize message boards, dry-erase calendars, and more. There are countless products to keep kids (and grownups!) organized in a nice, neat, nifty, and, yes, pretty way.

Green table and tulips

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