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Do you remember how much you looked forward to summer vacation when you were a kid? You literally counted down the minutes until school was over for the year. Am I right? I still feel that way! Although, I don’t get a three month break like I did when I was a wee one, I do live for the vacation we try to take each summer. Whether we go the tropical route, head to our family home in the mountains or just escape Tampa for a long weekend, we try to always sneak in some kind of break from the daily grind.

While the destination is number one, next in line in order of importance for me is what to pack. I LOVE putting together the pieces that make up my vacation ensembles. In the summertime, they almost always include flowing sundresses, sandals, a floppy hat and oversized sunnies. That’s basically my vacation uniform! Oh…and I must not forget sunscreen. Sunscreen is most definitely a part of my vacay uni. This girl isn’t down with sun damage!


Hatch Plage has a gorgeous summer line complete with plenty of easy breezy dresses that were tailor made for a relaxing vacation. Mamas to be and those of us not in the family way can BOTH rock them! I can so see myself wearing any one of these lovely frocks while sipping on a tropical cocktail or running after the hubs while we're sightseeing. My history loving hubs gets a tad bit excited when we go exploring! He has as much energy as our kiddos when we're on vacation...and that's saying a LOT!


And for you beach lovers, Parasol for Portico has some gorgeous sun shirts that will keep both you and your little ones protected from those wicked rays. Now that we're a family of four, the days of the hubs and I jetting off by ourselves for a getaway are few and far between, and as such, family vacations have taken center stage! So, now my kiddos have summer vacation unis too and you can bet a sun shirt will be packed in each and every one of our bags this year! There's no reason you can't be stylish while protecting your family's skin!

So, what does your vacation style look like lovelies?

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