Updated Kitchen

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We are almost done with our renovation! This summer we combined two city apartments to create one grand living space in Brooklyn. It's been a long project and we've devoted our hearts to it. We want this renovation to last a long time and add value to the apartment. Here's a before look at our kitchen: As you can see it was a BIG project. On our wish list was an updated sink. When I say we cook A TON, that is not hyperbole. Five nights a week I cook a family meal and we sit down at the table to eat. Our kitchen is the hub of family activity. We chose this Delta Faucet model because it promises to keep the kitchen tidier and well, it just looks sublime. Check it out:

Kitchen before

We picked the Pilar in the "arctic stainless" finish. The model we chose has Touch2O® Technology. In a nutshell, it's about making life easier. If you didn't see in it work int the the video, here's a synapsis--the faucet turns on and off with just a touch. Tap it anywhere on the spout or handle and it responds intuitively. It's sleek and so pretty and oh, so functional.

Of course we didn't stop at the sink. We updated the white walls with linen paint and added sconces instead of the lofty-track lightening. We also transformed a coat closet into a pantry. Here are some of the details in the kitchen area.

New sconces

linen paint, metallic paint

New Pantry

kitchen pantry, new pantry, updated pantry, pantry organization

Updated Kitchen

Once the kitchen was done it was such a thrill. We immediately got back to the rhythms of family life, but things are a little nicer and a little fancier. Finally, let's not forget the finishing touches. Once the kitchen was done I wanted a centerpiece. And here's my idea of a table arrangement!

tomatoes, centerpiece, fruit centerpiece, table display with tomatoes, ikea bowl

Delta Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at deltafaucet.com


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