Unexpected and Exceptional Sailing with Hobie

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Momtrends had a family gathering out of the city over the weekend and the chance to play with the Hobie Mirage. This is sailing at it's best. The frame is a kayak, but unlike a kayak this can be powered by the mirage dive--a pedal system similar to a recumbent bike. And you can also use a sail. My sister-in-law and I sailed and used our legs to power all over a nearby lake.

I grew up in Annapolis, sailing capitol of the nation, so I know a little bit about tacking and basic sailing maneuvers. I also know a bit about being stuck out on the Chesapeake without wind. Dull, hot, boring. Thanks to the mirage system, we pedaled through the periods without wind--a great workout. The boat can also be used as a standard kayak with a paddle--but now that I've tested the mirage drive I'm totally hooked.

The mirage as described will set you back about $3500--we'll plan on tapping into my brother's generosity. If you get the chance to try these out do it! And if you've ever thought about learning to sail--check out this: Womanship based in Annapolis for classes, trips and more. One day when the kids are bigger I'm going to get back into sailing. For now, periodic outings on the mirage will keep me smiling.

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