Ultimate Back to School Shopping Guide

ultimate back to school guide

Ready or not, here it comes. Time for shopping. Our editors have banded together to bring you the best in fashion and gear for Back to School shopping!

We make it our mission to scout out the very best trends. Our team of writers has experience on our side. We've got more than 25 kids between us from age newborn to 6th grade--we've got this! Fashion, tech, supplies, books, you name it, we're ready to make this the best year ever.

Here's a peek:

back to school supplies

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School facts:

The average parent will pack 180 lunches a year
The average kids will grow 2" from ages 6-12--that's a lot of new pants and shoes!
The average family with children in kindergarten through 12th grade will spend $688.62 back-to-school shopping
The average mom is up to 1:00am labeling everything the night before school starts (ok we made that one up!)

This guide is mixed with sponsors and affiliate links. All the products are Momtrends approved.

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