Turn Kids' Artwork into Gifts


Poloppo.com focuses on turning kids' creativity into giftable items. They use American Apparel t-shirts and transfer kid-crafted designs onto these tees. As they see it, children view the world through a lens that sees life with deep insight, joy and freedom. Poloppo hopes to capture this imagination on a wearable canvas.

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Pablo Picasso wrote: "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child." Why not tap into the this nascent talent! A T-Me gift ($32) contains 10 mini-markers, square paper, a catalog of t-shirts and a pre-paid return envelope. Your child will craft a picture on a square paper, select a t-shirt of their choice (or size appropriately for dad or grandma), and mail it back to Poloppo. Once the artwork is sent to Poloppo in 10 days you'll get your t back. In addition to a shop, they offer an online gallery to share your child's artwork.

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