Tretorn Stages a Comeback

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I know my Tretorn's were super cool when I was ten (they were launched in 1967--before I was born). Now three decades later, I find myself drawn to this marvelously iconic brand yet again. Perfect for mom and kids, we think everyone should give Tretorn's another look.

Who has time to tie laces? After I get the kids ready to go I'm keen to find a cute slip-on. I'm planning to add these to my fall shoe wardrobe.
Tretorn - Skymra Puffer ($90).

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What's that you say? You want the world to know you're wearing Tretorns with the "Gullwing" logo. You can still look modern wtih this Tretorn - Nylite Brodie ($54).The plaid Gullwing looks perfectly up-to-date.

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