Trendy Thursday: Favorite Leggings for Fall

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A tunic top over sleek leggings--that's a mom uniform we can endorse. We're rounding up our favorite leggings to share with readers and giving you our SEVEN RULES OF LEGGINGS. Stock up on a few pairs and then rotate your tops and accessories to keep the look fresh. Let's start with these SoCa leggings ($195). Feel supported enough to wear a shorter top in these dressy leggings. I love the look worn with high boots and a fall jacket.

Target has oodles of options for leggings at low prices. Junior sizes may scare some off-but if you want a bargain, we are loving this military trimmed legging from Xhilaration ($9.99). Instead of heels, we'd opt for booties and a olive colored tunic to complete the look.

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Bali sent us a bunch of goodies recently, and we've become completely addicted to the shapewear including the Firm Control (two for $24) leggings. These need to be worn with a top that will cover your bum, but the support is awesome. I'm sad to report almost every place I checked was sold out of these!

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I'm always a fan of Theory and at $56.99 this legging is a designer bargain.

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Seven Rules of Leggings

  1. Show no panty lines
  2. Don't wear a tight top with leggings
  3. Dress up the footwear options ( sneakers unless you are really heading to the gym)
  4. Boots and booties work great with leggings
  5. Skip velvet and textures unless you are very thin--these fabrics add bulk.
  6. Don't tuck anything into the top

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