Trendy Thursday: Distressed Denim--Is it Mom-Appropriate?

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Back to the fashion future. Last week I went home to Maryland for a visit. Deep in my closet I unearthed my Guess jeans circa 1988 with huge rips in the knees and the sides. Distressed to be sure--by my teen years and one too many parties at Vanderbilt. As I slipped them on, I thought about the pair of distressed boyfriend jeans I'd purchased this summer and I wondered: Am I too old for this trend? Should this look be tucked way back in my closet? Or can fellow 39 year-old Gwyenth and I rock them?

This hard hitting topic came to me on the beach as I read about Gwynnie (that's what I call her, we're such good friends) in Vogue and scanned her in the denim--and identical pair to the ones I bought this spring. Are distressed jeans for the 20 and under age group? Should only the likes of Rachel Bilson get to wear them?

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I'm not sure where the fashion jury will come out on this one. Mr. Momtrends hates the trend--but I get more votes in my wardrobe than he does. Comfort-wise this can't be beat, but it sure lacks that professional polish I try to keep.I usually save this for weekends. My take: Gwynnie looks like she's trying too hard to be cool and I fear the same goes for me.

Here are my tips if you think this is a Mom Fashion Do:

  • Wear with dressy flats--think patent ballet slippers or leopard flats.
  • For fall this jean will be ultra-hip with trendy oxford boots.
  • Keep the top sleek. I like a sleeveless turtleneck on top or a classic v-neck sweater.
  • If you pair with a blazer, keep it fitted. Otherwise you'll appear too shapeless (not a good look for most of us).

Momtrends was not paid for this post, nor did Gwynnie consult me--her loss.

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