Trend Alert: Rock Star Baby Clothes

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Remember when baby clothes were simple and sweet? Well those days are long over! Today's modern baby is more likely to be sporting a skull and cross bones than a simple lace ruffle. And many parents would not have it any other way.

Many modern parents are not interested in giving up their wild sides when they have kids. For many, letting out their inner rock stars only get better when there are little rock stars to join in. Cue the trend of the rock star baby.

Zebra and leopard print, guitars and stars, and skulls with cross bones are found more and more frequently on baby and toddler clothing. Girls and boys are both getting in on the action, with wild clothing designed for anyone that dares to wear it. So long smiling puppy dogs, hello electric guitar strumming cats.

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This new trend of rocking out has managed to make it way into nearly every clothing aspect. Shoes, hair bows, hats, and even baby blankets can now be found decked out with rock and roll designs. For the truly outrageous parents, entire crib sets can even be bought featuring wild themes and prints. Who wants a pastel crib when it could be animal print instead?

The rock star baby clothes trend is even causing changes in once ordinary and simple designs. Now you can buy your little boy a onesie featuring a leopard print tie on the front, or buy your daughter a tutu skirt in hot pink and black. Clothing staples that seemed timeless are getting a fresh new look, straight from the back stage.

Rock and roll has been around for more than 50 years, and now it is making it's way down to the toddler set. Whether that is a good thing or not is up to personal taste. I have a feeling though, that if it were up to toddlers this trend may stick around for a long time.

By Summer Minor a writer for My Baby Clothes Boutique.

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