Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

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Self care is something I'm really trying to focus on this year. I've been putting my own needs on the back burner for a while, and it's starting to take a toll. I feel run down, exhausted, and depleted. I find myself counting down the hours and minutes until bedtime, instead of enjoying the present and living in the moment with my family.

That's why I'm making a concerted effort to show myself some kindness and love too. That means, I'm eating healthier, making time for exercise, taking my vitamins, and insisting on sleep (well, when I can). But I strive for more than just meeting the essentials. I need "me time." I need relaxation. I want more bright spots of joy in my day... Not that my kids don't provide plenty of light and love—I just want to indulge in a bubble bath or bury my nose in a book from time to time. Yep, I want it all. And I won't settle for less!

say you'll be wine

This Valentine's Day, I'll, of course, be spreading the love to my friends and family, but I'm also going to treat myself to little trinkets of love—items that I certainly don't need, but that bring a smile to my face, and a flutter to my heart. When I spotted this amazing Bow & Drape sweatshirt, it made me giggle. "Say you'll be WINE?" And this oversize emoji wine glass—I mean, wine not?!? (Hashtag: all the wine puns!)

Mama deserves something sweet and silly and all for herself. And, for me, a glass of Cab and a cozy-cute sweatshirt will do the trick. (All the heart eyes!) These are not even expensive finds, but just sweet ways to show myself (yep, myself) that I care... because sometimes I need that reminder.

Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

I've rounded up a few more sweet ways to "treat yourself" this Valentine's Day. While you're snagging gifties for your Galentines and your kiddies and the hubster, pick up a little somethin-somethin' for yourself too.

  1. Nite Munki Noodle Pajamas, $18: Take-in food and PJs—these are a few of my favorite things! And so these adorably colorful and totally cozy jammies are, in fact, my jam!
  2. David's Tea Day and Night Teas, $20: I've been trying to cut back on the coffee and expand my tea-time horizons. This collection has an assortment suitable for every occasion.
  3. Hello, Gorgeous Face Mug, $13: I didn't say I was getting rid of my coffee habit all together. I do need a morning cup, and this mug is so fun and frilly, it makes me feel glamorous—even when I'm rockin' bedhead.
  4. XL Wine Glass, $5: A little vino is my reward at the end of a long, hard day of parenting. I try to limit myself to one glass a night... This helps. (Ha!)
  5. Sugarfina Rosé-All-Day Gummies, $20: Whispering Angel in gummy form? Um, yes, please. It's rosé season all year round with these sweet candies. (Hands off, kids!)
  6. Two by Two, by Nicholas Sparks, $15: I'm a sucker for those Nicholas Sparks tearjerkers. A story about unconditional love? What could be better for Valentine's Day.
  7. Nordstrom Faux Fur Heart Accent Pillow, $49: I love a good decorative accent. This is a cuddly, cozy, and cute couch addition for V-Day and beyond.
  8. Sonix Baillie iPhone Case, $35: I spend hours a day on my phone (eeks). I like to look at a pretty case—and this one brightens my mood and has me dreaming of spring.
  9. Tocca Candle, $38: I love a subtly scented candle, and this Tocca Isabella candle is one of my faves. It's the perfect complement to my me-time bubble-bath.
  10. Crate & Barrel Peonies, $20: No, peonies are not in season. But this artificial bunch for Crate & Barrel is as realistic as they get. And you never have to replace 'em!

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