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Travel Tips for Feeding Your Family

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Oh the diets that are ruined and bad habits that are adopted when vacation begins. We love ice cream as much as the next mom (and maybe more), but we also try to keep up with all the efforts we've put in to get our family eating well even when we travel. Here are a few ideas to keep the pounds off you and the tantrums at bay.

Opt for lodging with a kitchen or kitchenette. Breakfast is a no-brainer to have in your room. Even the tiniest hotel fridge will hold enough milk for cereal. Add a little fresh fruit and viola! You've skipped the fattening waffles and Fruit Loops at the hotel's endless buffet. Use the cash you saved and splurge on a new travel toy or maybe a massage for mom.

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BYOS. From baseball games, to amusement parks to beach outings, packing your own snacks will help to balance the junk with healthy nibbles. Here are our picks for reusable containers. And here is our list of ideal snacks to take in your diaper bag. Making a trip to the local farmer's market can be an outing in itself--a way to see what the locals eat.

Bottles for everyone. One of the simplest way to cut down on sugar and to keep your family healthy is to drink lots of water. Before your trip, assign everyone in the family a cute new water bottle. Encourage the kids to decorate it with stickers and then fill with water and skip the sugary sodas.

Splurge Smart. I admit it. I use ice cream bribes when we are on vacation. The girls have to try some salad or another veggie before they get a trip to the land of sweets. We have a rule of one sweet a day on vacation.

Stick to the schedule. It's so easy to get off kilter when it comes to sleep and feeding schedules. Try your best to replicate what you have at home on the road. It'll make for happier kids. That being said, dinner usually gets pushed back when we travel. I am always sure to bring fruit or crackers to a restaurant when we dine with the girls--and don't forget a little toy or crayons to use while you wait for your order.

Try something new. Travel give you the perfect chance to expand the food horizons of your kids. Order a conch fritter, crepe or jambalaya and let your children take a never know.

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Bring good gear.We like rinseable bibs (the paper disposable ones are useless), as well as bringing baby's own feeding spoons. And don't forget plenty of hand cleaner and wipes.

Tip Big. Cleaning up after your clan isn't an easy task at home. Rejoice that for a little while someone else is doing it for you and tip accordingly. Think 20%.

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