Torch Relay Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

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In a few short hours I'll be sitting in Vancouver's 60,000-seat BC Place Stadium for the Opening Ceremony. The energy here is electric. Before heading over to the P&G; Family Home I walked the streets soaking in the vibe. As luck would have it I bumped into the torch relay. Want to feel the energy? Check out this short YouTube video.

I've never seen a more organized crowd in my life--everyone was so polite--making room for one another (it would never happen in NYC). This clip is from the final hours of the 160-day relay. Over this period about 12,000 people had the chance to carry the Olympic Torch from Ancient Olympia to Vancouver, BC. All in, the 28,000-mile journey hit almost every corner of this country--including an igloo-shaped church wayyyyy up north. I'm still scratching my head as to why Arnold (the Governator) got to carry the torch, but mostly the torch relay was a huge success.

Other than the torch, a highlight was seeing a US Ski team mom (Hannah Kearney's mom) win four tickets to the opening ceremonies at the P&G; Family Home. The folks at P&G; raffle was open to US Olympic Team family members that were visiting the house (athlete's get 3 family tickets to their events, but not Opening Ceremony tickets). She hooted as if she'd won a million...but I guess seeing your daughter march into the Olympic Stadium is in many ways better than winning the lottery.

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