Top 10 Things to Give a Child to Build Reading Readiness Skills

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Did you know simple activities and materials can help your child build reading readiness skills? We make it a point to read books everyday to our girls. And our 5 year old is showing the early signs of mastering reading. Here's a '??Top 10'? list of what you need at home, starting today, that will make all the difference in your child'??s reading future:

  1. The attention of a loving adult
  2. Adults or older siblings who read in front of your child each day
  3. A quiet, comfortable spot for reading and writing
  4. A variety of age-appropriate books for young children
  5. Alphabet cards with pictures
  6. Alphabet letter magnets
  7. A variety of writing tools: crayons, washable markers, chalk, paints
  8. A variety of writing surfaces: unlined paper, construction paper, note pads, chalk boards, dry-erase boards, painting paper, and easel.
  9. Puppets, stuffed animals, dolls or other toys for story '??props'? and pretend play with books
  10. Library cards for yourself and your child
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Thanks to the BrightStart! team at Nemours for these tips. We think this is a great list for the last few weeks of summer. Nemours are one of the largest child health organizations in the United States, BrightStart has writtern A Parent'??s Guide to Reading Readiness ($3.95) gives parents of children ages 3-5 information on how to support their child on his or her reading journey. We'll be talking about great products to help on the path to reading later this week--keep reading.

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