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Tooth Fairy Essentials - Pillows, Boxes & Dolls


As a child, where did you put your lost teeth for safe keeping for the tooth fairy? A pillow? A box? A tooth fairy doll? Sadly, myy childhood lacked a special tooth holder, leaving me to drop my lost teeth into a plastic sandwich bag to slip under my pillow. Which, I can now tell you as a parent of children of tooth-losing age, can be really hard to find under a pillow in the black of night. If you don't have a special tooth holder of your own to pass down to your kids, check out these adorable picks below and give those lost teeth a safe (and easy to find) place to call home until the fairy comes.


Tooth fairy pillows come in all shapes and sizes. Most of these pillows are from Etsy which will let you customize the fabric, pattern, character and name to suit your child. My favorites are the pillows that hang (no more digging!) and the unique chart tooth pillow that lets you cross off which teeth your child has lost. [top - Fleece Pillow Friend \ Chevron Hanging Tooth Pillow \ Pink Valentine's Elephant \ mid - White Personalized Tooth Pillow \ Felt Square Pillow \ Pet Monster Tooth Pillow \ Tooth Pillow Chart \ bottom - LEGO pillow \ Personalized Hanging pillow \ Pink Zebra Pillow href=""]


Not into pillows? Try a tooth box. I'm loving these options for girls and boys. [top - Pewter Fairy Box \ Macaron Limoge Trinket Box \ Twinkle, Twinkle box \ Personalized Wooden Box \ Tooth-shaped Tooth Box \ Pirate Tooth Box href=""]

Tooth Fairy Dolls

These tooth fairy dolls are adorable, but one word of warning: Your child may think so too, leaving you to pry the doll (and the tooth) from between your sleeping child's hands. But some of these are cute enough to be worth the risk. [Felt Robot \ Emma Doll \ Pottery Barn Kids Tooth Fairy \ Tooth Fairy Pet Pal \ Mini Munchi Monster]

How do you save teeth for the Tooth Fairy?

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