Too Good Launch with Jenny McCarthy

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Jenny McCarthy is so darn likable. We met the "mom warrior" at "TOO GOOD" launch --her new baby and children's bedding line. Celebrities have a long history of milking fame for lucrative product endorsements. In general, we're skeptical of these partnerships. Jenny, a wonderful mix of entertainer and activist, had us convinced that she's committed to quality and this brand.

The "toast and tweet" event was sponsored by MyWorkButterfly.comand we had the chance to grill Jenny and see the line. Jenny told us she had very strict quality and manufacturing standards that had to be met before she signed on with PEM--the bedding makers. The result? A high-thread count, trendy line that is well priced. The super-cute prints (my favorite was the pink lady bug print shown behind Jenny and I) are full of critters and we predict they will be wildly appealing.

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The colors were bold and bright--kind of like Jenny's personality. TooGood uses non-toxic products and the design team took sensory issues into account with all the designs. Jenny is famously the mom of an autistic son and has made it her mission to give kids the best possible materials at the best possible price. TooGood aims to make bedding that won't exacerbate any sensory issues. Plus, the actress has promised a portion of the proceeds will benefit her charity Autism organization helping to give parents in need support with the therapy bills (the average tab of yearly care for an autistic child is $80,000)

Nice work Jenny and we wish you all the best with the growth of your brand. Target and other big box retailers will carry the line. Find out more about the brand at

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