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It's high time my family learned some basic toilet paper etiquette. Some folks have toilet paper battles about whether the roll should come from the top or the bottom. Frankly, I don't care I just want someone else to refill the roll. I got my chance to talk TP and toilet paper etiquette with my family last week thanks to a Charmin Blogger Challenge.

charmin ultra soft

Charmin sent me two packs of toilet paper, Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong to test. They wanted to inspire family fun and conversation.

Here's how it started. I told the girls I was working on this campaign and asked for their help. We tested both types of tissue at home, but with a twist. Yes, I wanted to see if they preferred one style to another, but I also wanted them to know that the "toilet paper fairy" doesn't exist.

Up to this point, I have been 100% responsible for making sure all three of our bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper. But thanks to reading a few books on parenting, I decided these girls needed a little training in toilet paper etiquette.

First problem. I AM THE ONLY ONE IN OUR FAMILY THAT PUTS ON A NEW ROLL OF TOILET PAPER. Other people (I won't call out anyone) will just rest the new roll on top of the empty roll. What is this all about? I mean you're sitting there with not much to do, why not just switch the roll? P.S. Don't forget about bathroom recycling.

It turns out my girls had no idea how to change the toilet paper roll on the spring loaded rings. Hilarity ensued as I gave them lessons on the "art of the switch." They earned rewards (cookies!) if they could master the technique. A little motivation was all they needed. These girls can put together intricate LEGO friends sets, I knew that they had a roll change in them.

From there we talked about pitching in and helping and also prepping the home for guests. My 5th grader was hosting an epic sleepover with three of her friends. We talked all about prepping for guests.

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Guest prep 101:

1. Sleeping Arrangements: Where will everyone stay? Is there enough bedding?
2. Bathroom supplies: Do we have extra toilet paper, spare toothbrushes and clean towels?
3. Menu planning: Are there any allergies? Are there special recipes to try?

Our letting hosting lesson was fascinating to them. They learned that shopping for 4 kids is different than shopping for 2. I wanted the girls to be aware of all the details I juggle in my brain to keep our family running smoothly. It was fabulous not to be a silent martyr. Just simply talking through all the details we had to make encouraged my daughter to chip in and be more helpful.

I told them about hosting is about being thoughtful and making your guests feel at home. Little decisions like which Charmin toilet tissue to use can help show your friends you care.

Here's what I learned. The girls would keep the Charmin Ulta Soft for themselves and give the Ultra Strong to guests. They said they wanted the "soft one" because it felt good. It's fluffy and gets the job done. Who am I to argue?

The guests get the Charmin they liked 2nd best. The reasoning was since Charmin Ultra Strong cleans better while using 4x less toilet paper, the guest room roll is less likely to run out if it's full of Ultra. Good logic ladies.

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