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Tivoli Gardens Hotel Denmark

Visit to Tivoli Garden Denmark

A visit to the Tivoli Gardens is a GREAT way to spend a day in Denmark. We combine work and play all the time at Momtrends. On our big overseas adventures, often one of us (meaning the parents) have to take a meeting. That means it's up to the other parent to keep the kids busy.

On our 2-week trip to Norther Europe, Mr. Momtrends has had a few meetings. In Denmark, we picked a stay at the Tivoli Hotel to coincide with his work. All in, we had less than 24 hours in Denmark--and we had just seen a ton of museums in Germany, so we opted for max fun when we planned our day. We booked a package at the Tivoli Hotel that included park entry and decided to spend the day at the park and NOT try to see all of Denmark in a day.

I was underwhelmed with our stay at the Tivoli Hotel. I thought I'd give you a dose of travel reality--this is what a tiny room turns into! Our hotel was like staying in a mini version of the Nickolodeon Hotel--it's all geared towards kids. The themed room was TINY, but we managed to jam ourselves and our gear in for the night. It felt like the size of a cruise-ship room. We were disappointed in the paper-thin towels and sub-par furnishings. But our mantra was "it's only a night."

tivoli hotel denmark

Hundreds descended on the breakfast buffet to gear up for a day at the park. The hotel handled the hoards pretty well, but they did run out of milk...a pretty beg deal for a family hotel.

tivoli gardens denmark

After the melee at breakfast, we expected the park to be swarmed...but it was delightful. What an upside surprise. Just a 10-minute walk from the hotel, this theme park is an absolute gem. The gardens would make the Brooklyn Botanic Garden green with envy and the grounds were spotless. Not a scrap of trash in sight.

We raced off the the mountain coaster and got to the head of the line. Ooops, our hotel pass only got us IN to the park, we had to buy ride tickets for another $250 for the rides. No matter. We rectified the mistake and were off to take on the mountain coaster.

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After a few hours at the park, Mr. Momtrends met us. He was brave enough to take this coaster on with me! That's my kind of coaster!

demon roller coaster tivoli gardens

The rides rocked. From the mellow hot air balloon ride to the raucous Daemon Coaster shown above, we loved every minute. In three hours we got in a dozen rides--try that at a Disney park!

tivoli gardens family visit

We did almost faint when we paid $14 for two waters. But everything is expensive in Denmark. In addition to the rides and grounds, Tivoli has great restaurants and live music. You can spend the whole day there and never have a hint of whining.

Plan your day--the park opens at 11 and stays open to midnight on weekends and 11 on weeknights. I say go early and avoid the crowds. Most shows require extra tickets and the restaurants require reservations. Make your programme ahead of time!

After the park we headed back to the hotel for a dip in the underground pool. This space was once again delightfully uncrowded. We splashed until time to head for our flight to Bergen Norway.

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