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Tips for Healthier Kids from LiveHealth Online

health tips for moms

I want to share a new health resource called LiveHealth Online!This tool couldn't come at a better time. Moms are just now getting back into the grove of back to school and now we're facing the threat of flu. That's right, it's not just school it's also "back-to-flu" season this fall.

The LiveHeath Online app offers a safe, fast and easy way for moms to talk face-to-face with a doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment for themselves and their families for urgent care conditions that pop up every fall such as colds, flu, rashes and sore throats.

We teamed up with family doctor Dr. Mia Finkelston, who treats patients through LiveHealth Online. Dr. Mia is sharing her top wellness tips (highlights provided in our top feature image) to reduce your family’s risk of getting sick from seasonal and school-borne illnesses this fall and winter.

Rest up: Make sure your kids get between 9.5 - 12 hours of sleep each night to restore their bodies, improve their ability to help fight off germs, and reduce their stress levels.
Hands off:Germs are lurking everywhere during the school year and are transported mostly through our hands. Teach your kids to keep their hands away from their face, and make sure they wash hands often, especially before eating.
Eat for wellness: Stock up on nutritious foods to help kids and parents function at optimum levels. Kids love to snack. Pack nuts, whole grain crackers, and fruit in their school bag so they don’t head to the vending machine.
Don’t skip breakfast: Studies show that eating breakfast helps kids focus better in school, and they are less tired and cranky.
Immunize: Make time to get the flu shot for your family because studies show it safely protects against the most common strains of flu.

Athlete alert: Got a super soccer star? Whether it's soccer, football or cheer squad, If your kids are athletes, it’s even more important that they get enough sleep, eat healthy and stay hydrated!

Moms can use the LiveHealth Online app 24/7, 365 days to talk securely and privately by two­-way video chat with a U.S.-­based, board-certified primary care doctor. If needed, the LiveHealth Online doctor can send prescriptions electronically to a local pharmacy. If you have a PPO through Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, it is the same or less than a primary care office visit.

Here's how it works: LiveHealth Online uses two-way video to connect you with U.S. board certified doctors over the Internet. You don’t need to schedule an appointment, or drive to the doctor’s office and wait. You don’t even have to leave your home or office. Use your phone, tablet or computer to connect with doctors who can tend to your urgent care needs.

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LiveHealth Online is available in the following states::

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Ready to sign up? Registering for LiveHealth Online is fast and easy and free — just download the app from iTunes or the App Store or Google Play store and sign-up in one quick step. Or, you can visit and register.Then, each time you log in, you'll see doctors that are available in your state. English isn't your first language? Many of the doctors speak other languages too. Try searching for a doctor based on language. Want to come back later? Bookmarking a doctor's profile is easy. LiveHealth Online has a preferred provider section where you can store your doctor's information. TIP: Dr. Finkelston says moms should download the app when your family is healthy so that when someone does get sick, a doctor is available at mom’s convenience.

Can you use insurance? If you have a health plan, your visit may be covered – so you pay less. Check with your plan's benefits to find out exactly how much you would pay. If you don't have a health plan, visits start at $49. For PPO and EPO members of Empire BlueCross BlueShield, a LiveHealth Online visit is covered at the same or lower out-of-pocket cost than a typical office visit, and claims are automatically filed for a fast and easy experience.

What are some illnesses that are covered? LiveHealth Online doctors can help with many different health issues, such as:, Colds, The flu, Allergies, Sinus infections, Bronchitis, Diarrhea, Family health

Is this for emergencies? No. If you experience an emergency, you should always call 911.

Ready to sign up? Head to

Special Blogger Code: use the custom code MOMTRENDS to give LiveHealth Online a try. Good for One Free Visit. Expires Dec 31st.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by LiveHealth Online but all opinions are my own.

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