Tips for Cleaning up Big Party Messes

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Do you have a party plan? Or do you just wing it. Me? I'm a planner. I like to enjoy the event with the knowledge that the details are looked after and the post-party work won't be horrid.

We all know the worst part about throwing a party is the clean-up. I have five fool-proof tips for containing the messes to share with you and a fun video. But first let's start with the tips. Every year Mr. Momtrends and I throw a HUGE holiday bash. We invite about 100 people to join us for cocktails and cheer. It's a bug undertaking, but we've got ways to contain the chaos.

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Tips and tricks for cleaning up after big parties:

1.) Rent glassware. For our big holiday bash, we rented glasses last year. At the end of the night we put them in bins (dirty) to be picked up. Saved lots of dishwashing and some breakage is included.
2.) Paper napkins are your friend. We try to be as green as possible, but sometimes, you have to forgo the linen. We stock up on paper products when at Ikea or a party stores when we find sales. Then we just pitch them.
3.) Have multiple trash cans available. We stage a trash can near the bar, in the kitchen and one by the food. This encourages people to bus their own dirty plates and mess.
4.) Skip the bottles. We opt for one "theme drink" a punch or pre-mixed cocktails and wine. We do offer beer, but not as a feature. This makes far fewer bottles to clean up at the end of the night.
5.) Go heavy on the finger food. We put together a buffet that won't require forks and knives. If you don't have to use silverware it saves a TON of clean up at the end of the night.

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