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tide cold water

We're bringing on the cold this summer. No, we're not cranking up the AC. We're lightening up on laundry and turning the dial from hot to cold. Thanks to Tide Cold Water, parents have the power to get laundry clean while also being kinder to the planet

I'm not a scientist and I don't play one on TV. I'm a mom who cares about the environment and who tries to set a good example for my kids. That's why I'm willing to break the habit of relying on hot water to get things clean.

Tide worked with their scientists to create a specially formulated detergent that works in cold water conditions. The result? You can save energy and money when you switch loads to cold.

I know, I know we've been trained to think the hot water gets the stains out. But it's really the surfactants (that's a fancy word for cleaners) that do the dirty work. Allowing you to be eco-conscious and clean.
Summer is the perfect time to re-think your laundry routine and make some changes for the better. Did you know that 75% of the energy use and greenhouse-gas emissions from washing a load of laundry come from heating the water? It's not the machine churning, it's the hot water.

According to Terrapass.com , a switch of all U.S. washers to cold water would mean a savings of about 30 million tons of CO2 per year. Armed with this information, Tide's parent company, Procter & Gamble, set a goal to convert 70% of all washing-machine loads to cold water by 2020. And I?m here to help. But we've got a long way to go. The current stats hover around 38%.

Here's my list for the summer laundry makeover:

Air dry when you can. For city folks like me, invest in a good drying rack (or two) and hang shirts on thick plastic hangers (it also makes ironing easier). For those of you with yards, invest in a outdoor clothes line (away from trees so the birds don't get any funny ideas). BONUS: Line drying is also easier on your duds, which means they'll stay in your closet longer.

Wear it twice. For some reason my kids think if a shirt has been on a body for more than 5 minutes it is dirty. Train your kids to know when things really need a wash. We wear pjs more than once in this house.

Run a load only when it's full. You'll use a lot less water if you only run your laundry with a full load. Running two half-loads uses twice as much water. Plan accordingly!

Switch to cold water wash. Try Tide Cold Water and make the switch to a more environmentally friendly clean.

Tide ColdWater NY 600

This is a new series sponsored by Tide Cold Water, we'll be hosting a NYC event and continuing to share tips on cold water washing.

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