Three Bridges Back to School Lunch Ideas


We are in full swing back to school mode, and for some of you, it's the first time your children are bringing their lunches to school. We know you want them eating healthy and making smart choices, but planning these lunches every day can become overwhelming, especially if you're child has an allergy or is a picky eater.

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With early morning routines, daily errands and after school activities, the last thing you should be worrying about are packing school lunches. Three Bridges, makers of an inspired line of fresh, refrigerated chef-crafted meals, natural filled and cut pastas and sauces, makes it easy for you to pack a delicious and nutritious lunch in minutes.

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ThreeBridges Tortellini Value Packs are easy to prepare and, combined with veggies, protein or Superfood Pesto, deliver a hearty meal that your child will love, giving them energy for the whole day.

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If you saw our last It's A Party post which featured Three Bridges, you could see how simple the dishes were to prepare. But you might not realize that they make excellent leftovers--perfect for your kiddo's lunchbox. Here's a video to get a great Back To School lunch idea.

Check out for easy school lunch recipes that only take a few minutes to prepare.

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