The Right Way to Roll Toilet Paper

The Right Way to Roll Toilet Paper

There's a heated debate going on about toilet paper in our house. We're discussing the right way to roll toilet paper.

First a fun fact: Did you know that toilet paper was first introduced in the 1830s? I have no idea what they did before then. But apparently, my kids want to find out. How do I know they want to return to caveman times?

Because this is what I see around the house.

wrong way to put up toilet paper

I kid you not. My kids just don't seem to notice the empty roll. I've shown them where we keep the extra Charmin and how to change the roll. But instead of changing the roll, they just come use my bathroom and use the beautifully threaded paper in my bathroom. Ugh. I have more training to do.

Someone else in my family changes the roll like this. This is is equally puzzling. It's so close to complete, yet so far.


Yes, the judges will award points for getting our the new roll. But the score is incomplete. The contestant really needs to thread the new roll onto the holder to get any type of credit. Thanks for playing, but this just doesn't count.

Do you want to really score points with mom? Actually replace the roll. That's the only way to get full credit.

Now let's get to the really meaty part of the debate. Most grown-ups will agree the roll needs to go on the TP holder. The great debate happens when it comes to over or under. I invited my twitter friends to join the friendly debate. Here are the results.

The Right Way to Roll Toilet Paper Unofficial Poll


As you can see, we've got a clear winner--over by a landslide. I can't say that I agree. I kind of like the aesthetic of the under roll. But you've made your voices heard. I'm outnumbered.

I'll give in and go with the over crowd, but I won't give in on shoddy toilet paper. In our house we insist on Charmin. For me, it's a way of showing my family I sweat the small stuff. I keep the Charmin stocked up so everyone is covered.

No matter which side you’re on, there is no official right or wrong answer as long as you’re hanging Charmin.

Now, it's your turn, which one do you vote for?

right toilet paper

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