The New Sonoma Diet book review


The Sonoma Diet was released 5 years ago, offering a health and weight loss plan based on the cuisines of California's wine country, and emphasizing whole, local foods, rather than processed weight-loss products. This year, Dr. Connie Guttersen, RD, PhD, has returned withThe New Sonoma Diet($15.50), an updated edition of the previous book, featuring new recipes and meal plans to help begin the weight-loss journey.

Rather than focusing on counting every calorie, this weight-loss plan focuses on palate pleasing meals. Recipes draw from California and Mediterranean cuisines and feature ideas such as Blueberry-Ricotta Pancakes, Roasted Pork Tacos with Peach Salsa, and Tandoori Chicken, among others featured in the book. Once the initial 10-day phase has passed, a glass of wine may be added to dinners.

The new edition also includes gluten-free recipes, express recipes for quick meals that can be prepared in less than 20 minutes, and "cook once, eat twice" recipes to make later meals easier with planned leftovers.

As well, beans and citrus have been added to the Sonoma Diet Power Foods, a grouping of now-12 items noted for their anti-inflammatory health benefits, including blueberries, strawberries, spinach and tomatoes. The power foods are noted for their vibrant colors as well as their health benefits, creating a meal pleasing to the eye and the palate.

Even better, as a parent, many of the recipes are enjoyable for family meals. No single serving boxed diet meals or bland, flavorless foods, the recipes feature a great variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and grains, along with multiple seasoning options, even desserts! Homemade ginger cookies and sorbets fit into the diet plan as well as being kid-pleasing.

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