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Webosaurs are interactive, online dinosaurs with distinct (extinct) personalities. Step into the Jurassic age with your choice of dino- name him/her and let them help you explore a whole new world. Along with other members of the Webosaur community, you can chat, play games, and customize your experience to a certain (and lengthy) extent before you pay for a membership. Depending on your child's age, you might be able to escape the charge and let them satisfy themselves for free. There are plenty of games to try, and some are considerably addicting.

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Having been out of the virtual world for quite some time, I was slightly skeptical about the worth of Webosaurs. After spending some time on the site and reviewing their "Webosodes", live action adventures of host Nigel Marven, I am convinced of it's value. Before you enter the site and can customize anything, you are taken through a list of rules which include no cursing or scandalous talk- the parental controls are great, requiring an adult's email address to continue.

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After all that, I felt like a kid in a candy store-- what fun it was to name a dinosaur of my choice and parade him around in this safe, interesting little world. There are also a multitude of funny little cartoon shorts of the 4 main dinosaurs which are targeted at engaging children 5-12--perfect for entertainment while traveling.

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Keeping up with the fun, the Webosodes are also educational and exciting. A particular Webosode about a cobra was even a little scary and had me jerking my eyes away from the screen as instinct to avoid the venom squirting from the cobra's teeth (which, I didn't know even happened).

While you can explore the dinosaur island and play some cute games (I tried "Zing a Rock" and to my surprise, was able to go through several levels without getting bored) you can only go so far. Then you are faced with the decision to pay for a one, six, or twelve month membership. Priced at $5.94, $29.94, and $49.94...your child can have an all access pass for a month for less than the price of a venti latte. Don't wanna spend the cash? You can roll a little lower with an iPhone app for $.99 called Dino Surf that looks exciting enough for the kid who likes this concept.

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