The GREAT British Baby Shower


Are you watching Princess Kate closely? Yesterday I helped celebrate the impending birth of royalty at an event hosted by the British Consulate New York and St. George’s Society of New York. In anticipation of the new Royal baby, US charity Baby Buggy and UK baby brand Mamas & Papas gathered a group of women for a fun charity event.

Baby Buggy

On hand were celebrity mothers Jessica Seinfeld and Rosie Pope. Jessica warmly accepted a $25,000 donation to her charity from Mamas & Papas. The donation in both cash and great will go to NYC's neediest families. For more than a decade, Jessica has been championing an effort to recycle bay gear and clothing and get it into the hands of families in need. Between charity events and diaper drives, Baby Buggy has been able to help out thousands of families who need the absolute basics like diapers and a crib.

Guests supported Baby Buggy by bringing items to a diaper drive. The setting was the swank British Consulate Residence on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Since Princess Kate doesn't actually need anything (other than a break from the paparazzi), the spin was giving back. We also signed a huge card that will be sent off to Kate and William.

baby buggy donations

While there, I was able to personally thank Olivia Robinson, Mamas & Papas’ Creative Director, for her brand's generosity. Olivia is a British "mum" who cares deeply about her business and giving back. The young mom said she feels incredibly fortunate to have both the financial resources and family to take care of her own kids. "Giving back is just essential," says Olivia. She also hopes to deepen the bonds with Baby Buggy and make the relationship a lasting one.

Mamas & Papas is a family brand that was started 30 years ago in the U.K. by Olivia's parents (David and Luisa Scacchetti). Mamas & Papas just launched their U.S. website in early April--finally the children’s clothing is available here in the U.S! Visit


And there there is the fabulous Rosie Pope. I've gotten to know here a bit through my work with Baby Buggy and have to say she is such a doll. She is extremely generous with her time and I have to say always looks 100% adorable. Here I am with Rosie and Olivia.

The Great British Baby Shower

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