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The First Hug

newborn diapers

“Hello, muppet.”

That was the first thing I said to my baby girl when she was born—when they put her naked little body on my bare chest at 6:48 P.M. November 29, 2014. A silly little greeting meant only for her ears.

I remember the comforting weight of her mere 6 pounds—the way I wrapped that starchy hospital blanket around her tiny limbs and cradled her in my arms. “Hello, muppet.”

first hug

I kissed her soft cheek and nuzzled her button nose, and relished the rush of relief and flood of affection. I had done it. Nine months of pain and anxiety and discomfort and doctor appointments and ultrasounds culminating in this singular moment. It was all worth it. Because, here I was, hugging my second baby for the first time ever.

I remember those first five minutes with distinct detail and unfiltered clarity, despite the surrounding 24 hours being a total blur—despite there being so much going on around us, doctors and nurses coming and going and my excited husband snapping an endless stream of intimate iPhone photos. She was all that mattered. Everything else faded into the background—white noise to this magical mommy moment.

And to think I woke up earlier that morning insisting my body was playing a trick on me—that those regular contractions were nothing more than false labor. Still, I called my doctor and she recommended I get checked out since I lived a good distance from the hospital. I convinced my husband to go to work, asked my mom, to accompany me, and kissed my son goodbye. “Stay with Grampy. Mommy will be back in just a bit.” I was sure of it.

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Fast forward, six hours and I was enveloping that tiny princess in an embrace, a newly minted mom of two. Surprise! “Hello, muppet.”

That first night, there was a lot of cuddling and our first hug phased into our second hug and then our third, fourth, and fifth. Eventually, Penelope was brought to the nursery for a bath and rest. I opted to keep her there overnight, with the nurses bringing her into me for frequent feedings and snuggle sessions.

newborn hug

Even bleary eyed at 2 AM and 4 AM and 6 AM, I loved unwrapping Penelope from her expertly executed swaddle—a present just for me and changing those itty-bitty newborn diapers. She’d let out the tiniest cry every time her bottom was bare, so I worked swiftly to get her comfortable, cozy, dry, and protected again, tightening her Huggies Little Snugglers Diaper with care and efficiency, the special umbilical cord cut out working around her sensitive belly button. Once she was snugly re-diapered, she’d instantly stop fussing and return to her peaceful, sweet self—as if her little bottom just needed the reassuring “hug” of a diaper to keep her calm. I’d give her another squeeze before handing her off to the nurse for some much-needed rest—for both of us.

Those hospital days went by in a flash and a flurry of pokes and prods and kisses and cuddles and hugs and Huggies. There was nuzzling and napping and kissing and tickling and lots of precious, intimate bonding. I relished the one-on-one time, but I couldn’t wait to bring her home to her big brother. He was eagerly waiting for his turn to give her a first hug. And that was another moment, I’ll never forget. “Hello, muppet. We’re home.”

Fast forward, 19 months and I still cherish every moment and every embrace—and we continue to use Huggies diapers, since we had such a positive first experience with them. Inspired by hugs, Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers are designed to nurture my little love with care, cradle her in comfort, and protectively surround her delicate bottom. A perpetual hug for my growing baby girl—what more could a mom ask for?

Huggies® believes deeply in the Power of Hugs. The simple, loving act is proven to support babies’ emotional and physiological well-being. Huggies® diapers and wipes are inspired by a parent’s hug, – to nurture baby with care, cradle baby in comfort and surround baby in protection. Make sure you embrace baby’s bottom with Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers to deliver our best skin care to help keep baby’s skin clean and healthy. Learn more at #HuggiesCouncil

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