The Car Seat Lady


A few weeks ago, the Car Seat Lady made a visit to our house. We were getting ready for a big road trip and wanted to install our new Britax FRONTIER 85. Alisa Baer, MD (AKA The Car Seat Lady) graduated from NYU Medical School. Now in addition to tending to patients, she's trying to spread the word about car seat safety.

She runs a business educating parents on how to properly use car seats. Here's how it works: There is NO CHARGE for a phone consultation. Email her at with your questions and then chat on the phone. After that decide whether you want an at home visit.

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Did you know that only about 1 in 100 seats are used properly (ours was attached to the wrong tether spot)! Expect to pay about $100 for the first seat (it's a sliding scale from there). And get this--if your car seat is properly installed when you arrive, there is NO CHARGE for the visit!

Each class lasts approximately one hour and is a private, one-on-one lesson with your vehicle/s and the car seat/s. Here's what happens at the lesson:
1. Learn how to install the car seat properly in your vehicle.
2. Learn how to secure the child properly in the harness straps.
3. Learn how to use an infant carrier in other vehicles, like taxis or rental cars. 

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