The Bump it Up Bliss Pre-Natal Package


As a full-on pregnant (as in, seriously, intensely pregnant with twins) New Yorker, I wholeheartedly suggest that the scientific community conduct a study on pregnant women. We need to determine what causes our strange compunction to forego pampering and indulgences; somehow deferring the goodness onto our unborn children.

How many cute little baby items have been purchased for us, how many have we purchased for our bambinos – and how many awesome things have we decided to splurge on for ourselves? Be honest. The ratio is totally askew. That is why when I heard that the phenomenal Peninsula Spa had teamed up with pregnancy style maven Amy Tara Koch to create the “Bump it Up Bliss Pre-Natal Package” to offer us beleaguered baby makers some me-time super-pampering, I cleared my nesting calendar to go check it out.

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Described as a luxurious package for expectant women created with Amy Tara Koch, author of “Bump It Up: Transforming Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement”, the Peninsula Spa is offering a package designed to take an expectant mother through her pregnancy with a series of Maternity Massages, Pre-natal Personal Training Sessions, Cravings-based snacks and “Preggo-tini’s”, along with a copy of Ms. Koch’s book, and complimentary use of the swimming pool, fitness center, and all yoga and core classes.

No kidding, this mama would seriously benefit just from staring out the wrap-around windows of 22nd floor Spa, sitting next to the indoor pool, watching the phenomenal landscape of Manhattan live and breathe beneath me. But when my body was treated to a massage in this environment, it was enough for me to say, “I deserve this!” And more importantly, “I want more!” Add to that the delicious juice concoctions and snacks, and they almost had a squatter on their hands.

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Trust me: luxury is back. If you are a husband, friend, co-worker or colleague of a pregnant woman, and you would like to achieve Super Hero Status, the Bump it Up Bliss Pre-Natal Package is the gift to give. You will be thanked, and you may even experience a slight twinge of jealousy as you give it. But the expectant mother in your life will absolutely enjoy the indulgence. And let’s face it, she deserves it.

The Bump it Up Bliss Pre-Natal Package

Peninsula Spa

Fifth Avenue and 55th Street

(212) 903-3910

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