Testing for Kindergarten

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School decisions are a fulltime job for some NYC moms. Applications, testing, interviews they are just part of the process. Karen Quinn went through her own turmoil with her son--he bombed a set of tests. Rather than admit defeat, Quinn coached her son on to victory. The experience inspired her to co-found Smart City Kids, a company dedicated to improving every child’s chance of acceptance to the school and to write a new book called Testing for Kindergarten.

It's not psycho-babble or mumbo-jumbo. This book is a workbook. It's all practical and practice. The idea is that you work with your child for 15 – 20 minutes a day for optimum performance.

Quinn breaks down the tests and then provides all the information to ignite your child's power to learn. Some of the tips are playful--snack patterns making pairs of shoes, etc. and some are more pointed. For example, I had quite a bit of fun playing the rhyming games with my 5 y.o.

If you're facing gifted and talented testing or a private school, this book can arm you with information. For more tips and information, visit Quinn's blog here http://testingforkindergarten.com/blog/.

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