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Testing Avon Elements Skincare

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This summer I traded the Anew line from Avon to test out the Avon Elements skincare products. There are three offerings in the Elements line: Youth Restoring, Skin Revitalize and Moisture Boost. I picked the Youth Restoring.

I've been using three products exclusively since June and my skin is glowing. I've also had fewer breakouts--bonus. I start my day with the Avon Elements Youth Restoring Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20. It's a multi-tasking gem. The lotion goes on smooth and my skin just drinks it up. According to Avon it is infused with nutrient-rich Amethyst Mineral Complex. This is my favorite product from the collection.

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Then I add the Avon Elements Youth Restoring Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller. You apply it as you would a roll on deodorant. Good in theory, but I did find the application process a bit clumpy. I end up squeezing the lotion on my finger and applying it the old-fashioned way. The lotion reduces puffiness and fine lines.

At night, after I wash my face, I apply the Avon Elements Youth Restoring Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream. This rich cream works overnight to restore my skins glow. It's a great nourishing treatment--a treat for your skin every night.

The problem is: Do I continue with the Elements line or switch back to Anew? Maybe Elements will become my summer routine and the Anew for fall and winter. It's amazing to have so many effective, well-priced options from Avon.

Now Avon has added cleansers to the line. They are formulated with the Edelweiss flower and come in cream and gel options ($6.99 each). Look for them soon on or with your local representative.

I am an Avon Blog Ambassador. Each month Avon sends me goodies to test. My posts are never scripted. I get to pick which products to feature and always give my honest opinion.

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