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Testdrive: Volvo 2016 S60 Series

Volvo s60 test drive

The updated safety features are what lured me to California to drive the new S60 series from Volvo. I missed out on a trip to Sweden to see the updates on the XC90, so when the PR agency contacted me about working with Volvo, I moved earth to make this happen.

First, I KNOW YOU ALL WANT ME TO REPORT ON THE XC90--and I promise I'm working on getting a loaner. But the good news is, many of the updated safety features on the XC90 are also on the 60 series.

test drive buddy

Volvo brought 30 drivers to the Cavallo Resort in Sausalito, California. We were there to take the 2016 S50 inscription and V60 Cross Country on a 150+ mile spin. Along the scenic drive (my partner was the very cool Kristin Varela (GirlPlusCar and TeenPlusCar), we put the cars through the paces.

california test drive

To be honest, I'm not a car reviewer, what I am is a mom who drives a lot and cares deeply about safety. My priorities:

Fuel economy

I will review things like a mom, not like a professional. If a feature is too fancy for me to understand, I won't use it. It's got to be practical. My brain is already full of deadlines, kids activities and planning my next outfit. Thankfully, Volvo values these type of reviews just as much as the car and driver one.

volvo s60 dashboard

S60 features I loved (included on all three cars):

    • 3D Navigation with Map Care AND FREE MAP UPDATES 2X A YEAR. My current car has outdated maps and gets me into trouble sometimes.
    • Adaptive Cruise Control. ACC will automatically adjust the speed of your vehicle based on the car in front. This feature is particularly useful in congested or bumper-to-bumper traffic. I tested this out on the 101 and it was a joy. This was my favorite new safety feature. I learned I have been following WAY TO CLOSE to the car in front of me. With ACC I maintained a safe distance.
    • Built-in WIFI hotspot. Yes, folks your kids can stream videos from the car. I wasn't able to test this, but if it works, this will be amazing! Plus you can use Pandora and Weather in your car.
    • Volvo on Call, an app that lets you start the car remotely and contact roadside assistance.

    2016 S60 Cross Country

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    A fun and controlled driving experience. This car would be a joy for city drivers who want good maneuverability and like to travel. The roomy trunk and ground clearance would be perfect for families that love the great outdoors. I thought the steering was a little tighter than the inscription.

    • Excellent road grip--even I could tell that the Cross Country took turns well
    • Ground clearance. I'm used to driving SUV's and crossovers, the Cross Country has nearly 8" of ground clearance--you could definitely take this hiking or skiing and not worry about scraping anything.
    • Engine made in Sweden

    MSRP $43,500 with all the bells and whistles $48,390

    volvo inscription s60

    2016 S60 Inscription

    This car was really adept at the curves on Route 1. It handles extremely well with a very smooth ride. It's enjoyable as both a passenger (I tried out the roomy back seat) and especially as a driver. The thoughtful design will make this a crowd pleaser. Having recently driven a Mercedes sedan in Germany, I've got to give the Volvo higher rankings. This is a true European luxury sedan.

    • Power rear window shade and manual side window shades--this is a big deal for families that live in warm climates.
    • Amazing rear legroom (class leader!)
    • Walnut (real wood!) dashboard!
    • 29 MPG combined city/highway
    • Lane Keeping Aid--gently steers the driver back into the lane of travel if the car begins to deviate from the lane of travel.

    MSRP: $38,700 or $45,925 with all the bells and whistles

    2016 V60 Cross Country

    While I didn't get to test drive this, I did see test the awesome Dual Two-Stage Child Booster Seats. This car is family favorite. If you don't want a true trunk and like the ability to fold the back seats flat to carry more stuff. The 2016 Volvo V60 Cross Country has become a popular version of the Volvo V60.

    volvo test drive

    Mid-point through our drive, we got to get in some very special cars with drivers from the famous Volvo Driving Academy (they train the Swedish Secret Service). Woohoo! They took me for a spin in the racy blue Polestar S60. What a thrill!

    And finally, a true reminder that I am not a test driver, a moment about my shoes. These Longchamp sneakers were the talk of the drive.

    longchamp sneakers

    This is not a paid review. Vovlo paid for travel to and from the test drive.

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