Tennis Anyone?

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Being horrible at tennis actual may help me as a parent. Playing sports for sheer enjoyment not competition is a great way to be fit and healthy. Our kids need to know fitness is a lifestyle not simply something for competitive athletes and million-dollar pro stars. You see by stinking at tennis and loving every minute of it, I'm showing my girls the joy is in the effort.

Nowadays I only get a chance to swing a racket a few times a year. When Mr. Momtrends and I stole away for a quick 4-day jaunt to Bermuda, we put in several hours on the court. While I put in a lot of effort and hustle for each ball, my technique is rotten. But I still savored my time on the court and won't toss my racquet any time soon.

Recently we started our 5 y.o. with community tennis lessons. She inspires me and I hope to give something back to her. Watching her giggle and chase the balls around reminds me of everything I adore about sports--being physical, the social aspect and the chance to learning. Our little slugger hits about 25% of the balls that come her way--but she never judged herself. Lesson learned.

When I got back from Bermuda and told her about the trip she asked who won--Mommy or Daddy. I explained that we didn't keep score, we just played for fun. Lesson shared. So team Momtrends won't be ready for this year's US Open, but we'll keep enjoying this sport and taking every opportunity we can to get outside and try something new.

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