Ten Tips for Mom to Lose Weight

10 easy ways to lose weight

Apparently there'??s some skinny housewife on some TV show hawking books about how to get skinny. Moms ask me all the time how I stay slim (5'7" 120--less than I weighed before the babies) so in honor of Food Month I'm sharing my secrets. In addition to a commitment to exercise, I have some no-fail methods to maintain my weight. No gimmicks, no purchase required.

1. Drink 0-calorie beverages. My picks are unsweetened iced tea and seltzer. I have an unscientific theory: Diet soda makes women retain water. And sugar sodas are the worst. You don't need 160 extra calories a day.
2. Don'??t eat with any screens in front of you. Whenever I eat and try to catch up on emails or watch a movie I never taste anything. What a waste. If I put an effort into food I intend to savor it.
3. Skip the kiddie snacks. Seriously, do you need to eat those last bits of macaroni and cheese.
4. When you feel hungry drink a glass of water first. Often thirst is misinterpreted as hunger. And yes, sometimes hunger means "FEED ME" figure out what you really need.
5. Pick a vice. Wine or chocolate. It's hard to maintain weight if mama wants her nightly glass of wine at dinner AND a piece of cake. (Hey, I didn't say this was an easy list--just what works for me).

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6. Forget about bread. Mostly I mean at dinner time. Bread is not a side dish. Save the splurge for when you eat out at restaurants.
7. Never eat standing up. If you are hungry. Fine. Have a snack, but sit down and eat with the kids. Acknowledge what you are eating.
8. Start and finish with vegetables. I always eat the green stuff on my plate first. If I am still hungry after eating everything on my plate I take a second helping of veggies.
9. Don't put @#$% in the cupboards. Easy enough--If it's not in the fridge or the pantry you can't eat it. Oreos don't sneak into your house on their own.
10. Brush your teeth. Sounds silly, but after the effort of flossing, brushing and rinsing with mouthwash I'm highly unlikely to snack after a meal and start the whole bedtime routine all over again.

There you have it. What are your tips for losing weight and keeping the pounds from packing on?

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