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Ten Reasons to Try Road Cycling

On the Road with Cannondale

Freedom. That's the feeling of bliss when you're on a great road bike. Thanks to Cannondale, I was back on bicycle for the first time since I was 15! As I am approaching my (gasp!) 40th birthday this year, I've been on the hunt for challenges. Cycling meets my fitness and fun requirements all in one.

I've been spinning a bit this winter to prepare for my first triathlon. But you can't ride a spinning bike in this race. After doing a bit of research, I decided the CAAD 9 from Cannondale would be a great fit for me. It's got a light frame, is a dream to handle, and thanks to the carbon fork--offers me a smooth ride. It's the perfect bike for long fitness rides in the country--my way to escape the hectic pace of NYC life.

This weekend I took Bettina (that's what I'm nicknaming my new bike) out for a 15 mile spin. It was pretty awesome. Mr. Momtrends gave me some pointers (don't lock your arms, keep your cadence high, anticipation is key) and we were off. Loved the speed and loved being able to see miles and miles of countryside without having to buy gas. I'm hooked. If you've been looking for a new sport to try here they are!

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Ten Reasons to Try Road Cycling

Ten Reasons to Try Road Cycling

  1. Your legs will look awesome in shorts.
  2. No gym membership required--and spinning teachers usually play at least 1 really annoying song.
  3. Instant breeze even on the hottest day.
  4. Low impact exercise that's also great cardio.
  5. The gear is really cool.
  6. You can go on family rides bonding + exercise is excellent time management.
  7. Bikes don't talk back to you (try that with a 6 year old)
  8. You'll feel like a teenager again.
  9. It's cheaper than therapy.
  10. You'll burn about 500 calories and hour

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