Teacher Appreciation Day May 7

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teacher appreciation day

22 kids for 6 hours a day. Yep, I'm grateful for my 2nd grader's teachers. And the Pre-K duo has 17 munchkins and I think only 1 of them (the kids not the teachers) can tie shoe-laces, Being a teacher is a huge job. Mark your calendar--Teacher Appreciation Day is May 7.

National Teacher Appreciation Day is relatively new to me, but I love the concept. A great way to show your thanks is with a card and a simple, but meaningful gift.

Tiny Prints has a great promotion this Sunday and Monday (April 21 and 22) for 25% off all of their custom gifts. You can choose from hundreds of designs for each gift type, personalize them with a class photo, and write your own text.

Just use the promo code TAD25 at checkout by 11:59pm PT on Monday April 22 to save 25%. That is also the last day for guaranteed delivery by May 6.

And for the card, definitely check out Treat, where you can get a completely customized, photo card for only $3.49. They have almost 40 designs specifically for Teacher Appreciation Day, not to mention hundreds of thank you card designs.

If you are buying multiple cards, check out their Treat Card Club packs. A 6-card plan costs only $2.49 per card, a 12-card plan only $2.24 per card, and an 18-card plan only $1.99 per card.

At the very least, make sure to thank a teacher or two May 7.

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