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Target Your Resolutions

free tools to meet your resolutions

Are you tracking your goals and resolutions this year? Tracking and reminders count. It holds you accountable and keeps you on course. In one of the largest weight-loss studies to date, Kaiser Permanente asked nearly 1,700 participants to try and “eat healthy and exercise” over a six-month period. About 65% of those in the study lost an average of 9 pounds. However, those who used a food-tracking system and kept a fitness journal during the course of the study lost an average of 20 pounds!

Whether you've resolved to better yourself by losing weight, getting fit or saving money, there's a tool to keep you on course.

If you have a Nokia Windows Phone (as I do and I adore mine) you can get a ton of FREE apps to help stick to your resolutions.

Active Fitness: Getting fit is among the top resolutions each year, and sticking to a training regime can be difficult. Active Fitness enables users to track activity, follow progress on maps and set out a comprehensive training plan.

Adidas miCoach: miCoach delivers a personalized fitness experience through features exclusive to Nokia Lumia smartphones. You can choose training plans, create and track your workout progress, and get coaching feedback during workouts. Even cooler, the app combines heart rate monitor and in-app playlists from Nokia Music to create a customized personal training environment.

neck strech demo

Gym Pocket Guide: Lose fat, build muscle or find new exercises with Gym Pocket Guide! This app will help you accomplish goals with 100+ exercises and stretches (see above screen shot), videos and step-by-step guides.

Mint: The Mint app for Windows Phone delivers live, up-to-date information about your financial accounts, bill reminders and personalized money advice right to your phone. You can get a consolidated view of your money for convenient financial decisions in the app and real-time-updates via Live Tiles.

Money Wallet: Looking to spend less money next year? Money Wallet lets you keep track of all your different accounts and spending, helps you monitor credit card use, bank accounts and cash so you stick to your budget in the New Year.

Diet Tracker: Losing weight is another popular New Year’s resolutions and you can make the job a lot easier with Diet Tracker. This app lets you monitor your weight, monitor trends and track your progress.

Diet Tracker Food Scanner: Diet Tracker Food Scanner can help you keep track of calorie intake, and find out nutrition facts by scanning barcodes via your Lumia’s camera.

It's not just your phone that can get you fit and organized. From your laptop or tablet you can use Office 365 Home Premium products to help you get started and stay on track. TIP: You'll definitely want to save your workout plans in the cloud with SkyDrive, you can access them from your tablet, home PC, or even from the gym on your phone so you can keep track from virtually anywhere.

I also have been using Office 365, and that subscription allows me to access my documents on any device – including my phone. I’ve found some amazing Excel templates to track and map goals, and this allows me to check in on them no matter where I am! Here are the templates I recommend to track and map your goals.

fitness tracker spreadsheet

Fitness Plans: Plan your fitness training program and log your workouts with this template. It features exercise categories and a separate tab to track weight and repetitions. It also tracks your weight and measurements.

meal planner spreadsheet

Meal Tracker:Keep track of what you eat and the calories, protein, carbs and fat content with this nutrition log template.

running log

Running Tracker:Make a goal for a marathon, half marathon or 10k and then use this spreadsheet to track your progress. I've started filling mine in already. I fill in a bit of information and it populates the spreadsheet for me. Very motivating.

Good luck meeting your goals! Here's to the best year ever.

I am a #OfficeChamps blog ambassador for Microsoft. I am sharing my experiences testing the products and sharing my favorite tips and products. The campaign is sponsored, but never scripted.

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