Taking a Break from Nail Polish

pedicure break

Do you take a break from pedicures in the fall? It's a trend I'm noticing more and more. One mom I talked to said she wanted to let her toes "breathe" and I 100% understood what she was talking about.

During the summer I love pedis, and I opt for bright or bold colors. Since I wear sandals, I want my toes to be an accessory. Now that it's all about boots, I can cool it with the color. While I might not go cold turkey until spring, I use the beginning of boot season to rehab my feet.

Here's what I'm doing to treat my feet this fall:

Get Sally Hansen oil here
Get Avon Moisture Therapy here 

Sorry if the sight of my feet scared anyone, it's a trend worth talking about and maybe it's time for you to consider going naked (on your toes) this fall.

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