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Our experience was a little sour at this sweet spot that seems to be courting little girls and their indulgent moms. We loved the concept and the desserts were a delight, but the service was in a word LAZY and the prices were steeper than SJP's high heels. Would we go again?

Maybe. To celebrate the end of school we invited two other 5 year-olds with accompanying moms to lunch. The menu offered something for everyone--except those who want tea (but more on that in a minute). The setting is looking a bit tattered in the back--we realize the young customers can be tough on a restaurant and all the pink and gilding made up for the wear and tear.

We settled in the back to order. Salads and sandwiches for the moms and mini pancakes with a parfait glass of syrup for dipping for the littles. All perfectly fine--nothing spectacular, but tasty. I tried to order traditional tea, but learned I had to request that specialty 24 hours in advance--how odd for a tea shop.

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The girls loved it all--thought we were brilliant to dream up this idea. For them all the sugar was a distraction from the service. Dessert was a gem: The little girls each got three mini ice creams tucked into cups filled with colored sprinkle. The moms split a sampler (shown right).

The worst part? We had to fetch out server THREE times to place orders and get refills on iced teas and water. Unacceptable. And to make matters worse we were given the bill with an automatic 20% gratuity added in. $180 for the six of us--a little steep, but I would have happily paid it for better service.

Overall, I think we'll head to a traditional tea at someplace like The Carlyle next. We still think tea is a wonderful tradition, just not at this location.


19 Greenwich Avenue

New York, NY 10014-3510

(212) 337-3333


If you didn't guess already, Momtrends was not paid for this post.

We even alerted them that we were coming for a review--yikes.

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