Sweet Halloween Baking Ideas


We've shared a few healthy swaps for Halloween throughout the last few weeks, but let's be realistic for a moment, shall we? Tomorrow is Oct. 31st, and the kiddos are going to want candy... at least a little bit of their fave sugary goodies and some caramel-stuffed chocolates to satisfy those wicked cravings!

I try to steer clear of the candies as much as possible, but I do know it goes with the terrifying territory of the spooktacular day and hyperactive night. Of course, I try to convince my kids to swap out their candy loot for a goodie we bake or make together instead. (At least I can control the ingredients in my scary-good ghost cupcakes!)

Plus, making something crafty and delicious together after an hour or two of trick-or-treating is a great way for the kids to decompress. Pop some pumpkin muffins in the oven, pull out a craft project put on a not-so-spooky movie, pour the wine (for yourself, of course) and enjoy the night. We're sharing a few ideas for your boo-tastic baking inspiration! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

ghost hot chocolate'

P.S. Don't have the time or energy to bake on Halloween after a busy day of costumes and candy? You can still pull off a cute and crafty treat for the kids. This is ghostly hot chocolate! Just add whipped cream, candy eye balls, and a Halloween Peep.

halloween krispies

Halloween Rice Krispies via The Shopping Mama

cookie monster bar

Cookie Monster Bar via Babble

monster bundt

Monster Bundt Cake via Cupcake Diaries Blog

mummy cookies

Mummy Cookies via Sarah Bakes Gluten Free

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